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Wireless Alarm Button
The alarm button consists of the start-up switch and the corresponding processing circuit. Under the normal monitoring state, the product is in the state of patrol inspection. The indicator light is green and flashing. When there is fire alarm, press the button (longer than 0.8s) to upload the alarm signals to the monitoring center. The indicator light turns to constant red alerting the user. Users can also receive alarm information through Web or App. If voice or information notification is set, the corresponding mobile phone number will receive the alarm voice call or the corresponding alarm SMS notification from Jade Bird Cloud. Long press the button (longer than 6s) to cancel the alarm state and reset the panel.

Product Features
•  Built-in microprocessor, performance is stable.
•  Adopt SMT process, high reliability, good consistency.
•  Wireless connection, no need of wiring in installation.
•  Simple operation. Press the operating panel by hand to report fire alarm to the control panel.
•  Use LORA communication technology, low power consumption, transmission distance 1000m.
•  By scanning the code and follow through the mobile phone APP instruction, the product can be monitored in real time. When phone number and SMS notification functions are set in the monitoring center, the alarm information will also reach the user by phone calls and SMS.
•  The alarm button can be installed in the embedded box to save space, or installed unfolded (no embedded box).
•  J-SAP-JBF4124L is white in color.
•  J-SAP-JBF4125 L is red in color.

Technical Data
Battery model/working voltageCR17450/3V
Monitoring current≤3μA
Alarm current≤2mA
IndicatorsFlashes (green light) in monitoring state, constant on (red light) when in alarm state, and constant on (yellow light) when faults.
Storage temperature-10—+50℃
Operating temperature-10—+40℃
Relative Humidity≤85%RH (40±2℃)
Dimensions86mm × 90mm × 26.5mm (L × W × H)
Weight69g (without base), 95g (with base)

Structure and Dimensions

Unfolded JBF4124L/JBF4125L

Folded JBF4124R/4125R

The product supports both folded and unfolded installation.
Folded installation: The product is put into the embedded box and secure with the installation screw in the package.
Note: when the product is installed inside the embedded box, the minimum size of the external outline of the embedded box is 83×83, and the embedded box smaller than this size does not support folded installation.
Unfolded installation: if the product needs unfolded installation, you need to order another base JBF-VB4502A (white)/ JBF-VB4502B (red) for use. Secure the base to the wall first. Then mount the device on the base.

                                                                    Folded installation                                   Unfolded installation

•  Daily maintenance, maintenance, and calibration
•  Conduct alarm test regularly, every six months recommended.