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Combustible Gas Alarm Panel

JB-QB-JBF-51S40 Combustible gas alarm control panel (hereinafter referred to as the panel) is a combustible gas monitoring equipment developed and manufactured in accordance with the national standard of GB 16808-2008 “Combustible gas alarm control units”. The panel connects different types of gas detectors, modules, sound and light alarms and external power supply according to the actual needs of the project. The panel detects the concentration of ambient combustible gas around its installation position in real time, and when the concentration exceeds the set alarm threshold, the panel will alarm, showing the address of the alarming detector, location information and the gas concentration at the scene. The system is suitable for residential buildings, hotels, office buildings and other places.
Product Features
•  192 x 64 dot matrix LCD screen, all in Chinese display.
•  The loop is polarity-free and has automatic protection of overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuit.
•  Chinese notes: can add Chinese notes to describe the devices in the loop for their installation location.
•  With two sets of aux outputs of passive relay contact. Output when the panel alarms.
•  Store all kinds of events up to 9999 pieces; 2000 pieces of which are reserved for alarm events.
•  Maximum capacity of the panel: 1 loop of 100 points (detectors, modules, power boxes).
•  With serial port, CAN communication port, can be equipped with a variety of supporting equipment.
•  The panel receives status of its field power supply in real time. 

Technical Data

Applied standardGB 16808-2008
Main powerAC220V (applied range: 187V~242V), 46Hz~63Hz
Backup power2 sets of DC12V/2.8Ah Lead-acid sealed battery
Power consumption≤24W (control panel’s own power consumption)
Working environmentTemperature: 0℃~40℃, humidity: 93±3RH
WiringTwo-wire, polarity-free
Data transmission distance≤1500m
Capacity1 loop of 100 points (detector, module, power cabinet)
Aux outputFire Alarm relay, fault relay
Relay capability: 12A/DC14Vor 7A/AC120V
Alarm methodSound and light
DimensionsWall-mounted, 275mm×99mm×350mm
Structure and Dimensions
The image above is the bottom of the panel enclosure, and A, B, C, and D are mounting holes.
Choose a reasonable installation height.The wall should be solid and flat;
Install the panel on the wall according to the illustrated dimensions.
•  The panel must be installed outside the explosion-proof area.
•  The panel installation should be secure and when installed on a lightweight wall, reinforcement measures should be taken to avoid vibration, dust or water intrusion.
•  The power supply of the panel should be stable. Avoid using the same power supply with large electrical equipment.
•  The panel housing should be well grounded.
•  It's strictly forbidden to damage the panel housing, otherwise it will affect the shielding effect and safety.
•  When installing, the bottom margin of the panel should be 1.3-1.5m, the side distance should not be less than 0.1m, and the operating distance should be at least 0.5m. 

Wiring for AC 220V Power Cable:
Should comply with to the terminal identification when connecting the power supply.
Before wiring please confirm that the relevant power supply has been cut off.
Pay attention to the order of fire line, zero line, and ground line. Wrong order is strictly prohibited.
The specific operation steps are:
1) Remove the plastic cover of the terminals.
2) Connect the power cable according to the terminal label.
3) Press on the plastic cover of the terminals.
4) Tie the cable to secure the power cable.

If user does not connect ground properly and reliably, the equipment may result in electric shock.