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Wireless Sounder Beacon
Product Features
•  SMT processing of high stability.
•  Intelligent controlling and trouble detection with built-in MCU.
•  Powered by DC24V (regardless of polarity) easy to install, and no independent wiring is required.
•  Through LORAWAN communication technology and with JB fire cloud and other field devices form a wireless automatic fire alarm and control system.
•  The distance of communication is 700 meters (empty environment).
•  Wireless sounder beacon can be applied to JB fire cloud wireless fire alarm system.
•  If fire occurs in public area, the wireless gateway issues a fire command to the wireless sounder beacon that gives high decibel fire sound, and LED lights flashing.
•  Suitable for indoor (non-residential) public places, such as hotel rooms, office buildings, libraries, cinemas, postal buildings, etc. 

Technical Data

Rated voltageDC24V
Alarm current≤50mA
Sound pressure75dB~100dB (A meter)
Tone cycle2.0S~4.0S
Flashing frequency1.5Hz~2.0Hz
Dimensionsφ100mm, H66.9mm (without base)
Applied placesIndoors and non-residential
Working temperature-10~+55℃
Relative humidity≤93%

Structure and Dimensions
•  After wiring, fix the power base of the wireless sounder beacon to the wall, the pitch of holes is 60mm.
•  Connect DC24V power cable to V, G terminals of the base (regardless of polarity).
•  Mount the wireless sounder beacon onto the power base and turn it clockwise to secure 

Button position on the power base
Wiring must be tightened to prevent the wire head from loosening to ensure activation of the sounder beacon.