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Communication Interface
With 4 communication ports:  CAN0 , CAN1, RS232 and RS485.
Convert information from CAN BUS of the JB fire control panel to RS232/RS48 signal; and transmit it to other panel or data base.
Technical Data
ContentTechnical parameters
Baud rate2400,4800,9600,115200 selectable;
default: 9600
Input portCAN0, CAN1;
default: CAN0
Output portRS232, RS485;
default: RS232
Information transmissionTransmitting all information or fire information only;
default is transmitting all information.
Indicator Description
IndicatorNormal statusAbnormalityNotes
CAN0Flashes every frame sent//
OperationAlternating lights every 500msSteady on or off/
FaultOffYellow light steady on when fault happensNo feedback from CAN within 15s
CommunicationFlashes every frame sent//
CAN1Flashes every frame sent//
AFlashes every frame sent via RS485//
BFlashes every frame sent via RS485//