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Two-wire, non-polar, connecting JBF5014 fire alarm and gaseous suppression control panel and JBF5015/JBF5016 gaseous suppression control panel, for emergency start and stop of gaseous suppression equipment.
Emergency Start/Stop Button
The button is designed for gaseous fire suppression system, using two-wire polarity-free loop to send on-site condition to the fire control panel. 

Technical Data
Rated VoltageDC(19-28)V
Used in Temp.-10℃~+50℃

Install with 86 embedded box or wall mounted junction box.
1) Remove the set screw at Position A, and separate the button set from the base.
2) Fix the base using screws to the embedded box inside the wall or to the mounted junction box.
3) According to the wiring diagram, connect the loop.
4) Put the upper part of the button set and that of the base together then press hard, tightening the screw at Position A.
1) Emergency On/Off Button is an on-site device connecting to the non-polar two-wire loop. Each fire suppression zone can have one or more buttons.
2) Refer to the Wiring Diagram for terminals detail. The loop adopts RVS 2X1.5mm. Terminals with marking L1, L2 are to be connected to the two lines of the loop.