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Two-wire, non-polar, maximum communication distance 1500m, acoustic alarm function, response to both white smoke and black smoke.
Home Smoke Detector
Home smoke detector can effectively respond to the smoke particles generated in the early smoldering stage of a fire, and send out audio and visual alarm signals, as well as transmit fire alarm signals to the fire alarm control panel in the control center in real time. It is widely used in all kinds of residential buildings, living room, bedroom,etc.
Meet the national standard: GB 22370-2008 “Fire Safety System for Household” GB 4715-2006 “Point Smoke Fire Detector”

Product Features
•   Wide range of application, respond to white smoke and black smoke produced by different materials after combustion.
•   Strong anti-interference and anti-moisture ability.
•   Electronic coding, addressed by a special electronic encoder.
•   Two-wire, no polarity and low power consumption, the longest transmission distance is 1000m.
•   With sound alarm function. In the condition of terminal voltage VDC≥22V, up to 32 detectors can alarm at the same time.

Technical Data
Working voltageDC24V (DC19V-DC28V) provided by control panel, modulation type.
Monitoring current<350uA(24V)
Alarm current≤6mA(24V)
IndicatorFlashes in monitoring state, constant on when alarms
Sound pressure levelInitial sound pressure is less than 45dB, gradually increases to 58dB
Working temperature-10…+55℃
Storage temperature-30…+75℃
Relative humidity≤93%(40±2℃)
DimensionsΦ100mm×46mm(with base)
Addressing methodUse special encoder
Protecting area60-80m2
WiringTwo-wire, no polarity
Maximum communication distance1000m

Structure and Dimensions


Wiring diagram:
Dust cover should be added when the device is not going to be used in the near future
Carry out smoke alarm test regularly, preferably every six months.