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Two-wire, non-polar, suitable for normally closed double doors/single door, cable outlet form the bottom, resin filling and sealing process, aluminum alloy shell.
Magnetic Door Switch
All-in-one magnetic door switch is equivalent to the combination of the input module JBF6131-D and the magnetic switch. JBF6132-DS and JBF6132-D can directly connect to the fire door monitor without additional modules to monitor the normally closed fire doors. Only one loop address is occupied. JBF6132-DS is suitable for normally closed single doors, and JBF6132-D is suitable for normally closed double doors. The product simultaneously monitors both left side and right side of the door, and reports abnormality to the panel if any side is not closed properly.

Product Features
•  Embedded micro-processer.
•  Two-wire polarity-free loop, low power consumption.
•  A communication distance of 1500m.
•  Twisted pair cable is recommended in the installation. The cross-section of the cable should not be less than 1.5mm².
•  Electrical isolation between signal processing circuit and input checking circuit; reliable performance.
•  This product is easy for customers to install and maintain. Follow the instruction in the manual to install the magnetic door switch on the door frame and the door surface. Check the wiring and start commission after that.
•  With state monitoring and fault detection functions.

Technical Data
ItemsTechnical Parameters
LoopTwo-wire, polarity-free, modulation type;
Addressing methodElectrical encoder
Address range1-252
IndicatorMonitoring: “status” red indicator flashes.
Fault: “status” red indicator flashes twice in a row.
DimensionsJBF6132-D200mm ×30mm ×20.5mm(L×W×H)
JBF6132-DS120mm ×30mm ×20.5mm(L×W×H)
JBF6132-DM80mm ×20mm ×14.5mm(L×W×H)
Structure and Dimensions
•  Unfolded installation, fix the base to the wall using embedded box or expansion bolts. The pitch of holes is 60mm.
•  Use a dedicated electronic encoder to set its address (1-200).
•  ZR-RVS-2×1.5mmtwisted pair cable is adopted, and the two-wire bus in the loop (L1, L2) connect to the terminals 4 and 5, regardless of polarity.
•  Check the wiring first. Mount the module on the base after that to prevent product damage from possible false wiring.

JBF6132-D main part

JBF6132-DS main part

JBF6132-DM magnetic part

L1, L2 are the polarity-free loop.