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Input/Output Module
Product Features
•  Connect Jade Bird JBF-11SF or JB-QB-JBF5010 fire alarm control panel. JBF5155 Input/Output Module only needs two cables to start and stop the fire safety equipment, and can also monitor the cable state between the control panel and the equipment.
•  Theanswering signal of the module adopts volt-free closure signal.
•  Bysetting the panel, the module can continue outputting voltage signal in the form of DC24V/80mA.
Technical Data

Working voltageDC 24-28V provided by control panel
Working temperature-10…+40℃
Storage temperature-20…+50℃
Static current≤0.3mA(24V)
Alarm current≤70mA(24V)
IndicatorsMonitoring: input indicator flashes red; output indicator is off.
Fault: both input indicator and output indicator are off.
Activation: Both input indicator and output indicator are constant on (red).
Contact capacityC1 “start” output, C0“stop”output DC24V/80mA
WiringTwo wires distinguishing polarity
Structure and Dimensions

1) ConnectingJBF-11SF or JB-QB-JBF5010 series fire alarm control panel. By setting on the panel, the module can continuously output 24VDC or give a 24V pulse signal.
2) Two wires distinguishing polarity. NH-RVS-2×1.5mm2 is recommended. The transmission distance is 1500m.
3) The contact capacity of C1(start) and C0(stop) isDC24V/80mA.
4) The on-site device responses by voltage-free switch.
5) The EOLR connecting the module answering end is10KΩ.

•  Terminals (2, 3) SL-, SL+ device controlling terminals (pay attention to polarity when wiring).
•  Terminal (8)AS,(1, 6, 7) GND connect equipment answering terminals, receiving voltage-free signals. Connect10KΩEOLRparallel to AS and GND.
•  Terminal (9) C1, (1, 6, 7) GND connect to the two ends of start relay, its coil impedance requiring 300-5KΩ
•  Terminal (10) C0, (1, 6, 7) GND connect to the two ends of stop relay, its coil impedance requiring 300-5KΩ
JBF-5155 input/output module single outputs controlling fire safety equipment

In the above connection, JBF-5155 module outputs pulse signals. Press the button on the panel, terminal 9 (start)and terminal 10 (stop) each gives two sets of DC24V pulse signals.It’s suitable for self-starting and self-maintaining equipment, which is equipped with start and stop intermediate relays.The coil impedance of the relay requires300-5KΩ.
JBF-5155 input/output module continuously outputs controlling fire safety equipment.
Figure 4 wiring
Under this connection, JBF-5155module continues to output. When starting, terminal (9) continues to output DC24V, and when stopped, DC24V is off. It is suitable for equipment that does not start and maintain by itself, with only one set of intermediate relay. The coil impedance of the relay requires300-5KΩ.