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Whole series of Fire Watcher intelligent automatic fire alarm and control system products obtained "FM approvals"!

Release date:2021-03-24

To meet the demand of middle to high-end market overseas, FIRE WATCHER series intelligent automatic fire alarm system went for international testing and certification. At present, FACP, fire modules of different kinds, point type smoke detector, point type heat detector, sounder beacons and many others have successfully obtained FM approvals.
Whole series of Maple Armor Fire Watcher products passing tests and getting approvals from FM body shows the company’s capability of making high-end fire alarm products that keeps pace with the times. Now the company has the “passport” to the international market.

The complete high-end product line has formed a business expansion pattern covering North America, Middle East, Europe, Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. The products are also widely used in the domestic market, redefining the standard of the industry quality.