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New Product Express | Jade Bird Fire Single Zone Gas Fire Extinguishing Controller is about to enter the market

Release date:2020-08-26

The gas fire extinguishing system plays an important role in the field of fire extinguishing thanks to its unique advantages such as high fire extinguishing efficiency, fast speed, and no damage to objects after fire extinguishing. The gas fire extinguishing panel, as the "brain" of the entire system, plays a even more significant role in the whole fire extinguishing system.

Our company strictly follows the up to date market demands and has developed the JBF5013 and JBF5017 single-zone gas fire extinguishing panels. The introduction of the controllers provides customers with more flexible configuration options, which can reduce engineering costs to a certain extent and save construction costs.

Key functionalities


1. The panel is smaller and lighter, occupies less space.

2. The panel covers primarily one single gas-extinguishing zone, supports single circuit with loop capacity of 80 points, providing a better choice for single air-extinguishing zone configuration.

3. It supports wireless debugging with the special mobile phone application (Debugging Assistant) for Jade Bird Fire, making the posteriori debugging more convenient.

4. The on-site alarm information can be directly uploaded to the Jade Bird cloud platform in real time, and displayed simultaneously on the Jade Bird Fire mobile application, making sure that there won’t be any missing alarm log.

Being the single zone gas extinguishing panel that is about to be launched, so what will be the differences between JBF 5013 and JBF 5017?


Advanced output Power 

JBF5013 yesLoadable2 loops

1 loop 


Jade Bird Fire roots on the customer and market demands to provide more complete, economic and premium products and services to become your most trusted safety protection guard.


In the future, Jade Bird Fire will continue to focus on new product research to provide our customers with concern-free and convenient fire products and services to ultimately build a brand new future for the global security!